Malia is an acclaimed professional performing artist, instructor and choreographer based in Honolulu Hawaii. She has been showcased in countless corporate and private events, television, theater and concert stages throughout the US. Her performances have been described as “Elegant” “Passionate” and “ A Timeless Expression of Belly Dance”. Malia’s enduring professionalism, dependability and engaging presence have made her a sought after performer and choreographer.

Growing up in Hawaii, Malia was surrounded by music and dance and it was this influence that allowed her to find her passion in the performing arts. Her introduction to Middle- Eastern Culture came in 1999, since then, she has studied with some of the top instructors in the world and has performed with award winning belly dancers world-wide.
When Malia isn’t performing she is teaching beginner to advanced dancers from around the world. She is known for her intrinsically motivating teaching techniques bringing energy and fun to each of her classes. You can take one of Malia Delapenia’s belly dance classes here locally in Honolulu or at one of her numerous touring workshops through out the US.

Visit her website at for class schedules or to book an event.