Frame Drumming for Dancers and Drummers Workshop with ROWAN STORM

Frame drums are a perfect instrument for belly dancers. Women have been dancing with these drums since ancient times. Frame drumming helps belly dancers learn and internalize different world rhythms, and they are fun to dance with! Learn Rowan's unique symmetrical frame drumming technique that improves your drumming style while promoting physical and mental balance, wellness and creativity.

Participants must sign up by July 29th so Rowan can know the correct number of drums to bring. We need a minimum of six (6) participants and we must cap it at 15.



WHEN: August 16, 2015 4-7pm (Optional drum circle to follow)

Teahouse 1
Queen Emma Gardens
1511 Nu'uanu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96817

Parking is free, but participants must register their vehicle information at the security office in the "King Tower" building for a parking pass. So arriving by 3:45pm is urged.
About Rowan: With more than 25 years of experience with cultures and drumming of the Middle East and Mediterranean, Rowan Storm is recognized internationally as a performer and educator. Rowan brings freshness to tradition with her teaching method and frame drum designs, including the Thinline Frame Drums by Remo and her signature Rowan Storm Dayereh by Cooperman, now also produced by Remo.

Throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East, Rowan has studied and performed with some of the greatest masters of Middle Eastern music. Maintaining a full international concert and workshop schedule, Rowan plays and teaches a wide vocabulary of drumming styles, and sings in several languages.

The frame drum is the oldest documented instrument, used primarily by women for millennia in the Middle East and Mediterranean. In addition to its traditional use for rites of passage, singing accompaniment and musicality, Rowan Storm is pioneering a new approach to the frame drum. As the non-dominant hand (and corresponding feminine principle) is released from its supporting role and begins to share creative leadership with the dominant hand (and male principle), we summon and integrate dormant capacities of both brain hemispheres.

With the narrow frame and light weight of Rowan's Thinline Frame Drum by Remo, Symmetrical Frame Drumming promotes balanced partnership between the rational and intuitive, feminine and masculine, linear and holistic perception. As a daily practice, we gradually open the door to vast untapped resources of wellness and creativity. You can view Rowan's teaching method videos at