From Rowan Storm:


Frame Drumming for Dancers and Drummers Workshop with Rowan Storm

“I would like to express my profound gratitude for MEDAH’s Top Notch management team, who organized a frame drum workshop which I taught in Honolulu, August 2015. I present percussion workshops, music performances, and other events all over the world, and it is most rare to be honored with such hospitality, generosity and efficiency. In a very short time period, one of their members created a beautiful flyer for the workshop. They did great promotion, and set up and carried out an excellent process for participants to register and submit their fees. MEDAH absorbed extra costs including rental of the venue, which was a gorgeous tea house in a botanical garden, surrounded with koi ponds and luscious vegetation. My heartfelt thanks go out especially to Miko, the President of MEDAH, who was appreciative, supportive and well organized. From our first contact throughout the entire experience, Miko could not have been more attentive and responsive to any question or issue which arose, to make the workshop the best possible experience for everyone. Thank you MIKO and the MEDAH community for treating me like Royalty! ”

Rowan Storm is a Middle East percussionist, singer and designer of frame drums for Remo and Cooperman drum companies. Rowan is pioneering the Symmetrical Frame Drum Method, which leads to balancing both brain hemispheres for rapid hand drumming proficiency as well as deep integration for wellness in daily life.

In August 2015 MEDAH hosted a Frame Drumming for Dancers and Drummers workshop by Rowan Storm (www.rowanstorm.com). Rowan was an exceptionally gracious teacher who shared new techniques and made dancers and drummers alike feel at ease with her expertise, patience, wisdom, and her vast knowledge of the history of frame drumming. www.rowanstorm.com

From Free Vietnam Organization of Hawaii:

Vietnamese Festival

MEDAH performs at the Vietnamese New Year Celebration

MEDAH performs at the Vietnamese New Year Celebration

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